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In this presentation, Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO and technical founder, will provide a quick overview of the evolution of IT automation and describe his motivations for creating the Salt open source project. Thomas will also define how SaltStack is different than other systems management tools and is the first to deliver a single platform for remote execution, configuration management, cloud control and event-driven automation. Specifically Thomas will provide a glimpse at the future of event-driven automation and how it will change the way IT operations and DevOps teams deploy, control and secure data center infrastructure and application components.

Thomas will be joined on stage by Joe Werner, SUSE product management, and Dave Boucha, SaltStack engineering. Joe will highlight how the newest version of SUSE Manager leverages Salt and why Salt was the SUSE automation platform of choice. While Dave will provide a demonstration of SaltStack event-driven automation.

2016 June 22 - 10:00
1 h 30 min

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  1. IndieWeb Hack Day Nuremberg 2016
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    2016 June 22 10:00

    Seminarraum 1