by Hillwood Yang
from openSUSE

openSUSE Member. Package maintainer of openSUSE and co-founder of opensuse_zh repository. Building engineer.
openSUSE 包维护者以及 opensuse_zh 软件源共同发起人。建筑工程师。

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Pinyin input method is the most popular input method in China. There are many kinds of Pinyin input methods on ibus, such as ibus-pinyin, ibus-libpinyin and ibus-sunpinyin. All of them need search words from local table dictionary.
What is ibus? The full name of ibus is Input Bus Introduction. It is the default input method framework in SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE GNOME Desktop. ibus-pinyin and ibus-libpinyin work on ibus. ibus and its input method are very important to Asia users of SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE.
The cloud computing is the new feature in some commercial input methods in China. They can search and get words from cloud server. Cloud computing can greatly improve the accuracy of the input method.
This project is integrating cloud computing in ibus-pinyin or ibus-libpinyin. Many cloud pinyin input methods have apis can be used, Such as baidupinyin and googlepinyin.And Fcitx have finished this work, but it was just a extension on fcitx (fcitx-cloudpinyin).

2018 August 12 15:00
30 min
Conference Room #201
openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018