by Zhao Qiang
from SUSE Beijing

I am a developer in SUSE Beijing office, mainly focus on Gnome, Plymouth, and M17N.
I have made a lot of contributions to openSUSE.
I'm learning GTK, Glib, and other gnome infrastructure library now.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

1. I will have a short talk on how to contribute to openSUSE, how to request a bug for openSUSE, bug information rules which will make developer more easy to understand and communicate.
We like to have both positive and negative feedback - and also ideas for improvement.
Positive feedback means that we like to hear that a system was installed successfully and works, that certain areas have been tested and that those work. Please report this on the opensuse@opensuse.org mailinglist. Positive feedbacks are recorded in our testdb.
2. openSUSE release editions, the relationship about the releases.
Factory is built in its own project openSUSE:Factory on the Open Build Service reference server. Development, does not happen directly in openSUSE:Factory but in so called devel projects.
I will talk about the code review process. the rules to make patch to openSUSE package.

2016 October 2 10:45
30 min
Convention Hall
openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016