by Michal Hrušecký
from openSUSE

Worked for a long time in SUSE as openSUSE Booster, apart from that used to maintain MySQL and MariaDB in openSUSE. Actually got voted once as a board member. Now ordinary community guy, still touching some packages from time to time. Long time PDA enthusiast, ARM and open source fan. Working at CZ.NIC at open source ARM WiFi routers!

No video of the event yet, sorry! Meanwhile...

I got a new job last year and one of the problems we faced in the new job was how to build Debian packages. We looked at the recommended way how to do Debian packaging, but found it quite insane. So we decided to go with OBS. Nowadays we are building not only Debian packages, but also whole images from Debian. In the talk I would like to share my experience from deploying OBS in house, learning how to do Debian packages (what is nice about Debian packaging and what is not and you actually do it) and a little bit about poking around inside OBS.

2015 May 4 14:15
30 min
Third room
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security