by Jean-Daniel Dodin

Very ancient french SuSE user, openSUSE member, do video since 1971 :-) well known as "jdd"

No video of the event yet, sorry! Meanwhile...

It's very easy nowaday to take photos, but as it's nearly free, any people takes lot of them. It is necessary then to store them, backup them, edit them, spread them to the parents and friends. Linux is very good at making this, all the necessary tools are here, but some organization is necessary.
I will share my workflow including writing scripts to make the process easy.
This workshop can accommodate 3 to 10 peoples.
You have to come with your computer, with any openSUSE and having installed digiKam, detox, imagemagic. You will have to use your own photos, so take some from Den Haag or osc15 :-), come with your camera and the link to the computer if necessary (usb cable... sd reader).
We will see how to sort images by date and subject, tag them with digikam, make basic editing (color compensation, resizing...), preparing the image to display to the web, use the "piwigo" gallery to display them.

Final (almost) here: http://dodin.info/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Photo.SortingAndSpreadingOfImages#sPhoto.SortingAndSpreadingOfImages_15

Please read it, the goal of the workshop is to browse it rapidly and test it live together, one hour is very few.

2015 May 3 10:45
1 h
Room 3 1/2
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security
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