by jospoortvliet
from ownCloud

I work as community manager for ownCloud and have been Free Software evangelist for over 10 years. I was previously at SUSE and volunteer in marketing in the KDE community. My favorite pastime is experimenting in the kitchen, trying to come up with something edible.

Building a community is a lot of work and there is much you have to keep in mind. This talk will present 10 steps to building your own community.

Building a community has two sides: a practical and a organizational. Practically, you have to get something people can rally around. Code you work on is an obvious first but you want to build a local meet-up, you look for subjects for talks, articles, things to do like a installfest or theme evenings.

When building up a community, governance is another thing to think about. Should there be rules? What rules? Who should be in charge, or should nobody be in charge? The answers to these questions have far reaching consequences on the future of a project.

To learn how to get a community going and to keep it going, attend this talk!

2014 April 27 16:00
30 min
openSUSE Conference
Community & Project