by Salih

IT Consultant and Open Source Software Strategist at ErgoQ

Having over 10 years of experience on Linux Desktop environments, I have helped many customers to migrate to Linux Desktop.
Apart from that I have written over 300 hundred articles, produced over 50 videos and gave speech on various topics concerning everyday and academic usage of Linux on desktop.
Today I am working as an IT Consultant and Open Source Software Strategist at the private industry helping build and market free and open source software products for Small and Medium enterprises.

Bio: http://gr.linkedin.com/in/salihemin/

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Linux is all over the mobile market, workstations, server, cloud and supercomputing. But not yet on non-geek, average users desktop.

Linux communities, are trying for many years to convince their friends and relatives that Linux Desktop is already here and its working. Tech-savvy bloggers have been writing about the benefits of switching to Linux Desktop for many years.

But it seems that we are not there yet, even if most PC users are using their PC's to browse the internet, chat with their friends and do some everyday productivity work.
It is time to change our strategy, to evolve from geeks and nerds, to evangelists of Linux Desktop Operating System not just as a community but also as individual Linux users.

2013 July 20 14:30
30 min
openSUSE Conference