by Anahuac
from ENSOL

Brazilian, 41 years old, working in the IT business for the last 27 years. Free Software evangelist, developer, teacher, hacker, writer and nerd. I have lectured on many Free Software Conferences in Brazil, USA, France, Spain, Colombia, Peru and Azerbaijan. Fluent on Portuguese, English and Spanish.
G/LUG-PB - GNU/Linux Users Group of Paraíba founder in 2000, member of the main board of ENSOL - Free Software Meeting of Paraíba (http://www.ensol.org.br) on it's five editions.
I was a professor for 12 years in some Universities on the Northeast of Brazil. Author of OpenLDAP Extreme book (http://www.openldap.com.br). Main developer of KyaPanel - E-mail Server Manager (http://www.kyapanel.com). Currently I'm TV Globo, biggest TV channel of South America, Free Technologies consultant. My last job is in João Pessoa prefecture, helping to publish government open data on Internet (http://transparencia.joaopessoa.pb.gov.br).

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This is about how Free Software is a social and political movement that stands against the regular market and capitalism way of do business and control all society. How OSI was created to brick the philosophical discussion about freedom, meritocracy and good will between human beings. How this kind of initiative removed the GNU from the operational system, living it just as Linux or how they turned "hackers" on a word with criminal meanings.
Free Software is about love your neighbor, share knowledge, intelligence, know how and in the end, share business providing a better way of life.

2013 July 21 11:00
1 h
openSUSE Conference
Community & Project