by jospoortvliet
from ownCloud

I work as community manager for ownCloud and have been Free Software evangelist for over 10 years. I was previously at SUSE and volunteer in marketing in the KDE community. My favorite pastime is experimenting in the kitchen, trying to come up with something edible.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

The openSUSE Travel Support program aims to support contributors representing openSUSE at events, conferences and hack-fests with their travel and hotel costs. The program pays up to 80% of the travel and/or hotel costs for contributors who could not afford going to these events otherwise. In turn the contributors make a worthy contribution at the event and report back to the openSUSE community about what they did.

Starting with this oSC'13, requests to the openSUSE Travel Support Program are managed through a new web application integrated into openSUSE Connect. In this talk, the main developer of this new tool will explain how you can use your existing Connect account to submit new events, to ask for travel support for a given event and, which is most important, to get your money reimbursed once your travel is over.

2013 July 21 14:00
30 min
openSUSE Conference
Community & Project