by Joachim Werner
from SUSE

Joachim "Joe" Werner is the Senior Product Manager for Systems Management at SUSE, working out of the SUSE headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. He is an Open Source early adopter with well over ten years of experience with developing and managing Open Source software and a long-time Python addict.

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Live CDs conveniently solve a common problem: How can I show off what my Linux distribution (or the Open Source project based on it) can do without the user needing to install anything permanently or even fiddling around with complicated setup instructions.
We want to take it to the next level: With the help of the OpenStack private cloud framework we are building the infrastructure for demos that can not only show off one Linux image, but complex demo setups that consist of several virtual servers, all in one package that can be run on a high-end laptop.
To get there, we make use of openSUSE, the Open Build Service, and KIWI. Python, OpenStack's default programming language, is used for the "glue code".
While the initial use case is for demos, we think the infrastructure we are building can revolutionize the way complex Open Source projects are developed, tested, and maybe even deployed in production.

2013 July 19 11:00
1 h
openSUSE Conference
Geeko Tech