by Christos Bacharakis
from Mozilla Rep

Mozilla Rep and passionate about everything it has to do with Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Culture in general.
I love travelling, hacking, mountain biking, taking photos, cooking and solving problems.
Currently IT and telecommunications student, past teacher, trainer and marketeer and contributing in open source movement as a Mozilla Rep, Fedora Project Ambassador Mentor.

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Our motto is "the web is the platform" and our goal is to change the web for another time in history.
That's why we are presenting you Firefox OS the new mobile operating system brought to you by Firefox.
Built entirely using HTML5 and other open Web standards, Firefox OS is free from the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms.
For the past 15 years, we’ve been instrumental in innovating and shaping the Web to keep it open and accessible to all. As a result of our efforts, one fifth of all Web activity today happens through Firefox products.
Our goal is to present you Firefox OS, Open Web Applications, Firefox Marketplace and how you could build your own open web app and contribute in the project helping us build a brighter future for the Web.

2013 July 21 16:30
1 h
openSUSE Conference