by jospoortvliet
from ownCloud

I work as community manager for ownCloud and have been Free Software evangelist for over 10 years. I was previously at SUSE and volunteer in marketing in the KDE community. My favorite pastime is experimenting in the kitchen, trying to come up with something edible.

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How to prepare for, set up and staff an openSUSE booth? This community manager has visited countless booths all around the world and shares his best tips and tricks with you!

In the second half he'll present our new merchandising plans. SUSE used to send out merchandising (mostly DVD's) to the community of ambassadors around the world. This process was costly, yet not very effective. A plan was created, research was done, stuff was decided on and we're ready to move forward with designing and printing new posters, stickers, t-shirts, caps, flags and whatnot. This presentation will give an update on the current status in preparation for later discussions and decisions on improvements.

2013 July 20 15:30
30 min
openSUSE Conference
Community & Project