by Tomáš Chvátal
from SUSE

Teamlead of SUSE Packagers team responsible for couple of packages ensuring packaging stays at least bit fun. Apart from that he is long time opensource contributor, Gentoo developer, LibreOffice developer helping with packaging for both Gentoo and openSUSE and many more. During his free time he likes to hike and help others improve their skills in opensource world (creating new Gentoo developers, etc.).

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Containers are becoming more and more popular way how we develop and deploy applications. We trust them to protect our applications, but do we understand how they security model works? How they're isolated and sand-boxed? Let's look at all the pieces in Linux which are there to isolate and support containers security. We will then continue with overview what every deployment pipeline should perform to maintain secure and not vulnerable container images. At the end we will speak about common mistakes we do and which really lowers protection of ours containerized applications.

Presenter: David Bečvařík

2018 May 26 14:00
45 min
107 (Small)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Open Source