by Douglas DeMaio
from openSUSE

Douglas DeMaio is currently a manager for the openSUSE Project. He was marketing intern for Siemens Healthcare, a Sales and Marketing Manager for microdrones GmbH and has 15 years of experience in Public Relations/Public Affairs for the U.S. Army. He has extensive experience in all aspects of news gathering for local, national and international media. He coached Senior officials for press conferences and individual interviews and developed strategic communications, including talking points, messaging, and advising on media approaches for both controversial and non-controversial issues.

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Come visit the booths and do some Retro gaming.

Visit the booths of SUSE, arm, ownCloud, MySQL and TUXEDOComputers.


RetroHerna's collection of video game consoles and computers covers fifty years of video game industry's development.

By bringing authentic hardware to festivals and conferences, RetroHerna offers an authentic display of video games of the 20th century. Re-live your youth, beat your friends in Pong, Quake and everything in between, or compare the technology of various decades side by side. RetroHerna's friendly staff of volunteers is always keen to share information about the platform you are trying to beat the high score on.


2018 May 25 10:00
7 h
Main Lobby (open space)
openSUSE Conference 2018