by Ondrej Holecek
from SUSE

My Linux beginnings dates back to around 2002, still on high school, I needed remotely manageable irc bot. Since then I gradually switched completely to openSUSE with some Windows based gaming exceptions. Years later and I am working as a software engineer at SUSE on openQA project where I try to help openSUSE and SUSE to have the best automated testing available.

In the time of clouds and virtual computing it seems, there is no longer space for a large real-hardware-based OS deployments. But what schools use in their classrooms? What is beneath ATMs, info kiosks, cash registers? For there devices real network OS deployment is still crucial.
This talk is about exactly that. Well known network PXE boot, but upgraded with Salt, a modern configuration management engine, to automate and secure the process.
We will go from basic setup, through salt integration in netboot initrd and to salt states to make all of this possible and more.

2018 May 26 14:00
45 min
155 (Medium)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Open Source