by Elio Qoshi
from Mozilla

Elio Qoshi is founder of Ura Design and Identihub specializing in visual design catered to open source. His daily job and passion is working as a Creative Lead at OONI, a global observation network for detecting censorship on the internet. Furthermore, Elio is a Mozilla Tech Speaker & Reps Council Member. He is a member at Open Labs Albania and a contributing author at SitePoint since 2014. He has been co-organizing Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) for the past 4 editions. Currently Elio is finishing his Bachelor studies in Multimedia Arts while in his free time he loves cycling and playing Video Games.

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Identihub is the first Open Source visual assets management software which can also be self-hosted. Identihub can host icons, logos, photos, fonts and colors on a single page, making it easy to share them with other people, eliminating the need to send .zip fles back and forth with a specific resolution. This makes the collaboration between designers and non-designers easier, as they don't need to deal with any external graphics software. Identihub started a year ago after realizing that there is no Free Open Source Software which would allow a project to display and share its visual identity and assets in a easily accessible way.

In the workshop we will go through setting up your Identihub page for your project, uploads assets, share them and use the power of SVG to centralize your visual identity.

Want to get involved? We have plenty of stuff you can do! We would love to have an integration with OSEM (this exact tool the sessions are submitted in).

2018 May 25 16:00
1 h 30 min
350 (Workshop)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Open Source