by Markus Feilner
from Team Lead SUSE Doc Team

Markus Feilner is a seasoned Linux expert from Regensburg, Germany. He has been working with free and open source software since 1994, as a trainer, consultant, author and journalist. The Conch diplomat, Minister of the Universal Life Church, Jedi Knight and owner of lunar property is currently works as Team Lead of the SUSE Documentation Team in N├╝rnberg. He is constantly publishing for a variety of international magazines. You can find his profile here: https://plus.google.com/+MarkusFeilner.

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Lessons learnt in 20 years of Open Source PR.

This hands-on session will tell, teach and train community contributors, developers, open source project leads, etc. how to deal with the press. Get an explanation of basic terms like "kitchen call", "elevator pitch", "nutgraphs", "leads", "venn diagrams", and see how to build a decent project description and a working project website.

Learn how to write effective news releases and how to talk to the press both in written and spoken word. See how to build a working "press team" and how to address the specific needs of the press. Examples of big corporations and working OSS websites will guide through working out your own examples.

Generating viral videos, your own text and how to use language properly are also parts of this workshop, as well as general presentation and communication techniques, like spotting the communication partner's interests and how to use different media to attract users, press and media people.

2018 May 26 13:00
3 h
350 (Workshop)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Open Source