by Santiago Zarate
from SUSE

I've been working with Free and Open Source software for about 15 years, Developer, Sysadmin, Developer again, Technical QA, OS Gutter, QA Again and now backend Developer for OpenQA with a twist.

I'm a guy that writes Perl code and likes to have fun making software and hardware do fun stuff while eating Maria Cookies (They are awesome!).

I believe in E-Voting and Open Government!, operating system agnostic, with a passion for Quality Assurance, Mechanical Keyboards and Software Engineering.

Working as Quality Assurance Engineer at SUSE

Very often we come across a masterpiece of software, while now days almost everything is cool and built for the web, or built with technologies that are changing every single day and moving forward, but often we forget how the user feels when new software is available to download and install, it can be an overwhelming experience.

This talk is meant to talk about how some projects show the true meaning of a Venn diagrams and offering a bit of guidance on how to make testing and user experience even better for your own project.

2018 May 25 11:00
45 min
107 (Small)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Open Source