by mschnitzer

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** Please find the workshop's requirements below **

Getting a new Linux appliance with every commit you push sounds awesome but impossible, right? Not with the Open Build Service, the Free Software build and distribution system which powers openSUSE, ownCloud and Tizen! Usually a lot of manual work is necessary to create your custom Linux appliance, but the Open Build Service abstracts all the complicated technologies and makes this task as easy as pie. In this workshop, we will show you how we plug several open source technologies together to create Linux appliances in a fully automated, continuous integration cycle.

Starting with a commit to your favorite version control system, the OBS will build a ready-to-use image of an operating system for you automatically, using the power of KIWI. And to finish the continuous integration cycle, openQA will run automated tests to make sure your appliance still works as expected. We will combine this workshop with the 'openQA beginners workshop' submitted by Marita Werner. This workshop will cover the package and image building process in OBS, the openQA part will be covered by the following workshop.

If you still manually build and test your Linux appliances, this workshop is for you!


If you planned to join this workshop, please make sure that
- you have git installed and a valid GitHub account.
- you have osc installed and a valid build.opensuse.org account.

2017 May 26 15:00
1 h 30 min
Seminarraum 2
openSUSE Conference 2017