by Sarah Julia Kriesch
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Sarah Julia Kriesch has got a German education in information technology as a Computer Science Expert for System Integration (CCI) at the vocational school in Erlangen from 2009 until 2012. She has got about 4 years of work experience as a Linux System Administrator (IT Operations - Monitoring & Infrastructure) at an international ISP and as a System Engineer, ITO Coordinator and DevOps Engineer for Marketing Automation.
Sarah is a guug and openSUSE Member. She contributes in the wiki, forums, translation and as an Advocate. In addition, she is openSUSE Board Member.

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You are using stress tests for Performance Tuning and getting stable systems or applications. I'll show you jmeter for that. Additional you'll need monitoring tools. You'll get a introduction into different ones and what you can do with it. After that you can use them as a developer in the development or as a system administrator for performance tuning.

2016 June 24 16:30
1 h
Seminarraum 1
openSUSE Conference 2016
Technology & Development