by Michael Kromer
from Zarafa

Since 2014 Michael Kromer is enthusiastically responsible for the technical architecture of Zarafa as „Vice President Products & Architecure“. Combining user experience and the technical characteristics performance, compatibility and scalability define his daily primary focus. After years in the US military industry as acting CTO until 2008, he switched his activities to serve various leading DAX-listed companies in automotive and banking industry as an IT architect. With his change 2012 to Zarafa as head of professional services in the DACH region, he was responsible for the technical key customer and partner relationships for almost 2 years, before he promoted to take on the technical architecture of Zarafa. As a regular author for various magazines, co-inventor of a storage-patent and various open source contributions Michael Kromer still remains at heart a passionate yet (mostly) socially acceptable IT nerd.

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Nowadays communication needs are higher than ever. From E-Mail to instant messaging, all possible media exchange types are required to be up and running 24/7. With providing the only available 100% open source MAPI backend, Kopano delivers not only the classic groupware features but extended WebRTC technologies, Owncloud APIs, CIFS connectors – all to deliver the user a unique monolithic communication experience. Kopano leverages the full LAMP stack to deliver enterprise groupware features and cutting edge technologies such as WebRTC to deliver the best experience to users dealing with their daily communication needs. With the use of MySQL/MariaDB as database engine in the backend, postfix as MTA, nginx or apache2 as webserver, Pacemaker for HA, the modular Kopano stack is set on-top on quite an amount of available open source software. And Kopano loves openSUSE, in fact: The packages that are provided are built on an OBS instance! This workshop shows how to install, configure and run a complete OSS communication stack based on openSUSE/SLES. This workshop will cover all components from MariaDB, nginx or apache up to an optional owncloud instance for files management - In the end you will be able to run a fully featured WebApp or DeskApp and use exciting and productive technologies such as WebRTC, WebDAV - all from one interface. Of course, you also want to be able to sync your mobiles and allow access for the non-geeks that are still jailed to Outlook, and therefore this is covered here as well. To give the admin the chance to run the environment safe and sane, we will cover the normal basic adminstration tasks and highlight the dynamic possibilities of the LDAP backend. In the end the workshop will show some performance optimizations and some best practices in running a larger environment. This session is meant to be an interactive workshop, so we encourage anyone just to have a Leap prepared to join in and ask questions on-the-go.

2016 June 26 11:00
3 h
Seminarraum 2
openSUSE Conference 2016
Technology & Development